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We are engaged to develop Management of Information System(MIS) for Thuraimugam & Co, Kovilpatti, India.
Hospital Information Management System(HIMS) implementation is going on in Latha Hospital, Kovilpatti, India.
We were launched Admission and Fees Management System on CLOUD COMPUTING Technology in SCAD World School - SCAD Group of Institutions, Coimbatore, India.
We were installed Stock Management System in Francis xavier engineering college - SCAD Group of Institutions, Tirunelveli, India.
Website has been hosted for Amsha Match House, Sattur, India

About Us

CC SOFTEC founded as a small business enterprise providing software solutions across various industries in India and Singapore such as Finance, ERP, Banking, HRM, Education, E-commerce, CRM, Loyalty Program and Health care.

Significantly CC SOFTEC dedicated in providing very complex, large scale enterprise solutions. Encouragement of perfection seeking peoples makes us enthusiast to do our service better. Our service is flexible with all domain needs and we give a quality delivery and maintenance.

CC SOFTEC having experienced software engineers from reputed institute as a technical resource pool team to make it possible at all. We associate customers and work as a team to fulfill their mission and long term goals.

CC SOFTEC has a wide range of successful records of completed projects for the reputed organizations and firm across the world with great success. The customers believe CC SOFTEC for its infrastructure and advanced software development model along with providing the quick and cost cutting software solutions.

The strength of CC SOFTEC is maintaining its ideal service from the inception of the project specification to the delivery and maintenance, with 24x7 supports.


CC SOFTEC services are widen in all over the world in many domains. We swell our service from Small scale to large scale enterprises.

Now we provide our service on " CLOUD COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY "

We categories our services as follows

IT Enabled Services

  • E – Commerce
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Web Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Portable Application (Application works in Pendrive)
  • Software Development Outsourcing
  • Health Care
  • Financial and Banking
  • Database Designing and Maintenance.
  • Education

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Product (ERP)
  • E – Learning
  • G – Learning
  • V – Learning
  • IEEE Paper Publication
  • Academic Training
  • Carrier Development Service

  • Certification Programs
  • Soft skill Training
  • Placement Training
  • Campus Drive
  • Software Support and Consulting
  • Web based Services

  • Web Designing
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Products


    • Emailer - Email Campaign

      Emailer is an Email Campaign with creative templates to publish company name. Templates are categorized such as Newsletters, Announcement, Events and Media relations. Here, Emailer allows the subscribers to send and receive mails. It allows the users to customize the existing designs and allow upload of templates. Online Designer

      allows designing the templates as their wish or saving as my Template. Packages are available based on the emails sending and the contacts.
    • ETOOL2SMART - Learning Management System(LMS)

      Etool2smart is an “Online Campus Automation and Management Software”. It is a Combination of E – Learning, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Administration, and Automation. It connects Management, Tutors, Students and Parents at its web based portal and it can be customized to suit each individual or group of institutes

      requirements. It is incorporated with "50 products". Etool2smart is our “Own Product”. This portal empowers every institution with improved communication, increased productivity and knowledge enrichment and it was developed after a thorough market research so it is applicable from Schools to Universities.
      To know more kindly visit our "Products" menu
    • Simple Ticket - E-Commerce

      Simple Ticket is an e – commerce site to book a journey ticket of Bus and flights. It is a veri signed authorized site to make an online payment for journey tickets. The tickets are available at a PDF or ready to make print out. Mobile tickets are available to become an eco friendly. The transaction aborts while online payment, money back is

      guaranteed and it will be refund to your concern bank within few hours. All type of travels to travel all over India at an affordable price.
    • Customer Loyalty Program - Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

      CRM has been applied in numerous industries to connect customer and company under a good marketing relationship. Loyalty programs are the assets of Customer Relationship Management. The Pharmacy shop keepers prefer the CRM Loyalty program to sustain the existing shopper and new comers. Here the application provides a unique id and

      accumulates their transactions finally, make an offer them. The medical shops maintain the purchase logs and offers dispatch log to shortlist the VIP customers.
    • Hospital Management - Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

      Hospital Management deals with computerized maintenance of all departments through some clicks. Here, software acts as a manager and it screens all the process for administrator consideration. Out – Patients and In – Patients are registered and generate a unique ID to everyone. So the application allows maintaining the patient’s medical

      history. Remotely, Doctors can able to access the patient’s medical records and can view the reports of Accounts, Accommodation, Emergency List, and Discharge List.
    • Bar Council of Tamil nadu and Puducherry - Human Resource Management(HRM)

      Bar Council of Tamil nadu and Pondicherry (BCTP) is a government of India project. BCTP is a Human Resource Management (HRM) tool to manage Bar Council association members through this portal. BCTP existing and upcoming lawyers should enroll them at the entry point of this website. Our effort focuses on admin panel having the right to the

      access entire by the board of members of BCTP. The modules we takes care of Lawyers enrollment, Login credential and profile page for each members, Appointment fixing of BCTP members, Lawyers enrollment for free case of poor by the norms of Government of India, Case forum by the BCTP lawyers for the benefits of law college students. The law college students can post comments and queries here and get the response of reputed lawyers of BCTP.
    • Match Industry - Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was implemented in match factories. This is a portable desktop application which needs not to install at all and you can able to access from pen drive itself. Here, the application takes care of the production control like UBM, UFG, Event Management, Raw Material Management, Invoice, Duty forms, etc.,.

      Raw material required alerts are send to the production department while the deficiency. ERP associates Human Resource Management (HRM) too.
    • Match Industry - Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

      It is a match industry application to manage the factory resource and achieve the on time production. The application takes care of the Departments like Marketing, Sales, Finance, Production, and Inventory. It incorporates the Human Resource Management (HRM) also. It establishes the communication to the offshore outsourcing. The application maintains the production outsourcing and its wages.

    • MLM NxN Matrix - Human Resource Management(HRM)

      The marketing agency portal site connects members and customers to communicate either, the trade of Home Appliances, Domestic Products, Gold, Land, and Fund Trading. Here, the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) NxN matrix with N phase is followed to manage the members. The application allows the firm, to payout the commission

      for every 15 days and maintains the log. Members having the phase promotion to get into another phase by achieve the target business.
    • MLM 3x3 Matrix - Human Resource Management(HRM)

      Multi Level Marketing (MLM) 3x3 matrix is a member tracking and commission payout application. The application calculates the down lines and their commissions make a printout the structure. The implementation of software is in both the way either as a desktop or as a web application. While member registration, the referral and

      placement ids are tracked and determine the commission too. The tree view shows the phase members and their down lines with commissions.
    • Location Based Services Using Semantic Concepts - IEEE Paper

      Location Based Service (LBS) is very popular in communication field nowadays is used to provide users with anywhere, anytime connectivity to the internet and access to services based on user’s context by using Semantic Web. Semantic Web is used to provide users with relevant meaningful information and it avoids redundancy.

      Ontological models in Semantic Web allow the- annotation of web documents and the formulation of more precise queries to retrieve documents. Utilizing this Semantic Web technology in the current location based services provides great results, which are more effective and meaningful than what currently offered in LBS. Context-Based search is used to provide locations based on user’s interests and situations. LBS contextual information typically includes user’s location, time, weather and traffic conditions, etc. The contextual information has many alternative representations which make it difficult to interpret and use. Context consumers and context providers may have different understandings of the same contextual information. Ontologies in semantic web provide a shared understanding of the concepts used to describe the context and data services. This paper presents a context based search system which utilizes ontologies in semantic web to provide location based service based on contextual information, user profile and data profile.
      Index Terms – Ontology, Semantic Web, Location Based Services, User Profiles, Data Profiles, Query Processing, Databases.
    • K.R.Real Estate - Human Resource Management(HRM)

      K.R. Real Estate is a leading realtor who promotes the plotted land and wholesale land at an affordable price. There is a beneficial scheme for the brokers or mediators or agents to make a business in their projects. Beneficiary can buy a land with clear records of land accompanied the legal opinion from reputed lawyers. So the customers

      can able to resell the land without any hurdles. The brokerage scheme tracking systems are done through our expertise Human Resource Management (HRM) tool. Login credentials are available to each mediator can trace their business dealt. Buyers can view the plot through plot sketch and get a clear in an incorporated Google map.
    • Rotary Club of Courtallam - Web designing

      Rotary Club of Courtallam (RCC) is a static website which gives information about the club. Members from the inception of club have been maintained with picture perfect. The rotary club of courtallam has mini profile about the honorable club members in their ledger. Latest news and events are updated instantly at the entry page of the

      website. Photo gallery of events of RCC is cataloged and makes a creative slide show to view the snaps. History of RCC is texted coherently.

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